1. Andreia Costa Vieira, Sustainability Standards (research developed since 2014).

Andreia Costa Vieira is a Lawyer, PhD in International Law (USP; part of her PhD research was developed at the University of Cambridge, UK), Masters in International Trade Law (University of Nottingham, UK). She was Professor of PhD, Masters and undergraduate programs in Brazil and of the MBA Program in International Business from the University of Steinbeis (Germany). She is Founder and coordinator of the ACV International Law Institute since 2018.









2. Andreia Costa Vieira and Rike Krämer-Hoppe, Agenda 2030, SDG 12 and National Development Strategies (Workshop on SDG 12 and National Development Strategies).

Dr Rike Krämer-Hoppe, PhD in law from the University of Bremen, senior research fellow at the Ruhr-University Bochum. She was a lecturer for the German academic exchange service at the University College London, a Jean Monnet Fellow at the New York University, and a researcher at the collaborative research center “transformations of the state” in Bremen. Her research has been published in leading international journals such as Common Market Law Review, Journal of European Integration, and West European Politics. Dr Rike is a Fellow Researcher (volunteer) at the ACV International Law Institute, participating in the organization of the Workshop on SDG 12 and National Development Strategies.

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