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Our Workshop on "SDG 12 Implementation. Issues and Best-practices in different countries and sectors" will be on 4th March, 9am (Sao Paulo GMT).


Dr. Rike Kramer-Hoppe has well summarized this get-together: 'While trying to implement the SDG 12 we can see that national parliaments, private actors or international organisations have put an effort into implementing these goals, however, we are far from reaching a world in which consumption is always sustainable. The question arises  whether this is even possible. This project will analyse whether on different levels, with different actors and audiences we face similar  issues. What is lacking, what are the hurdles. Is there not sufficient law, is there not sufficient capacity or cooperation or do we need more individual behavioural change and nudging people in the right direction?'


The framework of the Workshop will be as follows:


9am. Introduction by Dr. Rike Krämer-Hoppe (from Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany) and Prof. Andreia Costa Vieira (from the ACV International Law Institute, Brazil) 

9.15.Can we consume in a sustainable way? 

Dr. Dorothee Rüdiger (PhD in Law, USP, and Psychoanalyst), from the Institute of Lacanian Psychoanalysis, São Paulo), on Sustainable Consumption:  Limits and Possibilities of Human Desire

9.35.Focusing on End-Waste

Prof. Elżbieta H. Morawska and Prof. Katarzyna Gałka (from the Institute of Legal Science, HumanRights Department, Cardinal Stefan WyszyńskiUniversityin Warsaw, Poland), on “Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns: a real challenge for Poland”

Dr. Luisa Cortat (PhD in Law, from the University of Maastricht and FDV), on‘The role of Law in the plastic world of consumers”

Dr Vivian Rocha (PhD in International Law, USP), on“Green Investments in circular economy: a pathway towards sustainable consumption and production in Brazil”

10.30.Focusing on production

Prof. Christine Wieck(Professor for agricultural and food policy at the University of Hohenheim. Germany) and Dr. Bettina Rudloff (PhD in Agricultural Economics, Bonn University, SeniorAssociate at the German Institute for International and Security), on“Enhancing Sustainability in the Agri-food Industry”

Mr. Allan Degasperi (Masters in Business, Assistant Professor at ESAMC,  Brazil), Ms. Nathalia Sant’Anna (Masters in InternationalLaw, Unisantos) and Ms Monica Peña (Ms in International Law, Unisantos), on “Sustainabiity on the Management of the Textile Industry Waste in Brazil and in the City of São Paulo"

11.15 ResourcesManagement

Ms. Leticia Pontes (Masters in Environmental Law, Unisantos), on “SDG 12: Basic sanitation and water use in Brazil”

11.35 Final Remarks


Other attendees will be allowed and Registration for attendance is free. Send us an email to

Location: at your work or living room (link to virtual access will be shared by email).