The ACV International Law Institute 

offers short courses and workshops, it promotes and develops research  on the subjects of International Law, International Relations, International Business, and Sustainability, thus also providing international consultancy.

Very honoured to have written chapter 45, on "Law, Finance and Development", of the Encyclopedia of Law and Development (2021), just published by Edward Elgar Publishing. Andreia C Vieira

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Voluntary Sustainability Standards

Do you have to understand how the compliance world woks for certification and voluntary sustainability standards?


Our know-how will help you to overcome obstacles to export your product.  

Technical and Sanitary/Phytosanitary Barriers to Trade

Is your company facing technical or sanitary or phytosanitary barriers to trade?


If so, our know-how of identification of sanitary/phytosanitary barriers to trade will help you. 


Do you have to develop a sustainability project for compliance ESG (Environment, Social, Governance)?


We can study your business and find a better way to have compliance with sustainability legislation (national and international). 

Agenda 2030, 17 SDGs and Sustainability in company

Do your employees and suppliers need an "in company" training for better understanding the new mindset of your company towards the 17 SDGs and Agenda 2030?


We are experts in environmental and social education and we promote sustainability in business, having more than 15 years of know-how and didatic to present it to your staff and supliers and to help them to incorporate a sustainability mindset.