Multilateral and Regional Trade

Does your company need to better understand the multilateral and regional trade rules, such as the WTO treaties, the Mercosur, European Union and others? 


We have the know how of trade rules and their implementation, since we have already assisted Brazilian diplomats at the WTO and UNCTAD in Geneva as well as international Groups on better understanding the Mercosur and European Union agreements.  

Participating in International Business meetings

Do you have to organize or participate in an international meeting, together with professionals that dominate the international commercial language? 

We have the right team of experts to help you.

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Business and the Amazon Forest

Is your company concerned with the protection of the Amazon Biodiversity and other tropical forests and want to be engaged in promoting sustainability in one of these regions?

We can map some of these regions and their socio-environmental issues and present you the right projects that will connect your company to environmental protection, according to national and international legislation, making your business be part of a sustainable global value chain of production and consumption.

Foreign Direct Investments

Does your business need to attract Foreign Direct Investments?

We can develop a study of your business profile and indicate a legal route, step by step, to make your business attractive to reach a foreign investment as well as best contract clauses to protect your duties and rights.