Easter, COVID-19 and the resurrection of universal citizenship

COVID-19 resurrected in us a feeling of collectivity as a single human race. The virus has reached all: poor and rich, Asians and Westerners, northerners and southerners. All, with no discrimination on nationality, ethnicity, political opinions, race or religion. All. Not even Lenon could so Imagine. And it is in this very moment of universal pain, of universal confinement that we remember that we All have a common identity: we are inhabitants of Planet Earth. All of us. And this is our universal citizenship. Not even Kant has dreamed so far. COVID-19 makes us think in a collective way, it makes us behave in a collective way, it makes us internationally cooperate in a collective way, in a manner never thought or seen before. We came to pay tribute to those who are our true idols: scientists, health workers, teachers, journalists and IT workers that helped us to be connected in this moment of isolation. We are isolated, but united on behalf of a universal citizenship. Not even Dali painted such a surreal picture. Yes, we are world citizens and it was necessary a microscopic virus to remind us of our macroscopic status. Happy Easter! Happy resurrection as human beings to all of us! Andreia Costa Vieira

ACV International Law Institute é um instituto que presta serviços de consultoria e assessoria jurídica internacional, bem como cursos de aperfeiçoamento (curta duração), com ênfase em Direito Internacional e Relações Internacionais, International Business, Desenvolvimento Sustentável (questões econômicas, sociais e ambientais), direitos e deveres do estrangeiro no Brasil e do brasileiro no exterior.

ACV International Law Institute

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